Dabur Hajmola Tablet, 120 Tablets

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Pop a dabur hajmola and enjoy the chatpata taste that stimulates your digestive power. It is a tasty, fun-filled digestive that can be taken regularly especially after a meal. The popularity of hajmola can be gauged by the fact that almost 2.6 Crore tablets are being consumed every day in India....

  • Chatpata tablets, fun to have at any time of the day
  • Improves digestion for kids and adults
  • Useful in cases of indigestion, loss of appetite and flatulence
  • Great way to enjoy while staying healthy
  • Chatpata taste is good for a change of taste in mouth
Dabur Hajmola Tablet, 120 Tablets
Dabur Hajmola Tablet, 120 Tablets
Rs. 35 Rs. 40
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