FirstFit Premium Single Toning Tube Resistance Band Exercise Cord with Comfort Handles

  • Premium comfort workout band with comfort Handle for continued comfort during repetitive movements, Exercise your arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs. Perfect for cross fitters leading pull-up, muscle ups, stretching, strength training etc.
  • Effectively target muscle group, use exercise band for your workout allows it to be easy on your joints and target muscle group with controllable, constant tension. Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Toning, Strengthening and Cross Fit Training.
  • Stretching your body during a warm up, dance and pilates, massage your muscle and finish off with an amazing and safe assisted stretch. Long-term use can beautify the curve of the human body, strengthen muscle lines, it also has a strong fitness effect.
  • Training with resistance bands can help in prevent injury and strengthen muscles, and makes you a stronger athlete overall.
  • Comes with High Density Foam and Anti-breaking Handle, One Piece Non-Slip safety buckle, and Help relieve stress, release fatigue, relax, and be happy every day.


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