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JSB HF26 Power Toothbrush (Blue-White) at Rs.229 – Amazon

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Vigourously Oscillates at 6000 circles per minute for deep cleaning of plague : Oscillation is a to and fro movement (not rotatory movement) which cleans plague effectively between teeth.; Changeable head; Brush head make of Japan foodsafe POM; TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE : If your toothbrush stops...

Amazon selling JSB HF26 Power Toothbrush (Blue-White) at Discounted Price Rs.229.

JSB HF26 Power Toothbrush (Blue-White)

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Brush head made of DuPont nylon; Changeable head, material composition: Brush head make of Japan foodsafe POM, bristles made of DuPont nylon; Oscillates at 6000 circles per minute for vigorous ...

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The amazon delivery was awesome, safest packing, hats off to Amamzon..Regarding the product, It's bulkier than the one I previously had (oral-B). Also it requires 2 batteries, the other one I had required only 1.. And only the upper part is connected to the motor.. My old one had its 2 parts in the head moving.. The battery compartment is not upto the mark.. It's just an ok-ok product in my experience.. Not a value for product..
June 1, 2014
Bought two. First one did not even work fresh out of packet. Send it back. Thanks amazon for a prompt refund. Now this one works. There are two parts of bristles, the circular upper part and the lower regular brush like part. The upper part produces a weak vibration, thats it. Lower part doesn't move at all. Efficacy in cleaning teeth is poor.May be suitable for kids, but it is too big for them with two batteries . The bristle material is very flimsy. I think a comparison with two other brands which I have used at similar price range will be helpful. At this price range or lower than this, you get Oral b Cross action power with the circular head rotating and the lower part vibrating which cleans the teeth thoroughly. The Colgate 360 also has a manually rotating circular part which rotates on contact with the teeth. the lower part also vibrate i think. Oral b is the best but a problem with it is that its replacement heads are not readily available.Size - This JSB is too big and clumsy. oral b is very sleak little bigger than a regular tooth brush with only a single battery. Colgate 360 comes in betweenBuild quality- JSB is the worst., you can feel the batteries clanking inside, again oral b very sturdy, colgate also is good
October 25, 2014
It is good when used with Duracell batteries. The battery exploded while using it. The battery compartment is oddly fitted and water enters the battery compartment. I had to tape it up to avoid another explosion
December 21, 2015
JSB HF26 Power Toothbrush (Blue-White) at Rs.229 – Amazon
JSB HF26 Power Toothbrush (Blue-White) at Rs.229 – Amazon
Rs. 275
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