Pears Moisturising Handwash With 98% Pure Glycerine – For Soft Protected Hands, 900 ml Refill

  • For over 200 years, Pears has created products that are pure & gentle on your skin. As a continuation to this journey, we bring to you Pears Pure & Gentle Handwash
  • Pears Pure & Gentle Handwash washes away 99.9% germs and cleanses your hands thoroughly yet gently, leaving them feeling soft, smooth and moisturised
  • Frequent handwashing may lead to hands feeling dry. Pears Handwash with 98% Pure Glycerine and natural oils leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth with every wash
  • This formula, with signature Pears fragrance is mild & gentle on your skin
  • Pears Handwash is easy to use, spreads easily and washes away germs from the corner of your hands without being harsh on your skin


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