Tupperware Triangular 750ml Bottle 4pc

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Do you know that according to a study both men and women drink 30% less water than needed? The solution- a bottle that makes you want to drink. The Tupperware Triangular water bottles have a slim sleek design and are easy to grip and hold securely when you are pouring.

  • Spill Proof: Tupperware Triangular 750ml bottle is lightweight and spill proof, making it perfect to be carried to trips, treks or wherever you need to go!
  • Easy Opening: The Fliptop cap makes it easy to open, sip, drink and pour
  • Snug Fit: Ergonomic, compact design fits perfectly in any refrigerator or car door, the Triangular shape allows it to stack horizontally in refrigerator
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: The wide rim makes it easy to clean the bottle from inside. The wide base of the bottle keeps the bottle firmly planted and prevents it from toppling over
  • Material and Capacity: The bottles are made of plastic and have a capacity of 750ml
Tupperware Triangular 750ml Bottle 4pc
Tupperware Triangular 750ml Bottle 4pc
Rs. 647 Rs. 1,500


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